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Transform your PDFs into intelligent data with RAG

Uncover crucial insights from your PDFs with our RAG web app. It's free, easy to use, and perfect for quickly extracting images, charts & tables.

How It Works

Effortlessly extract data from PDFs

Rapid Extraction with RAG Technology. Extract essential content from PDFs within seconds, transforming data into usable insights instantly.

Efficient PDF Breakdown. Our technology divides your PDF document into hundreds of structured chunks, simplifying the analysis process.

Advanced Computer Vision. Automatically describes every chart, table, and image in your PDFs, ensuring comprehensive data interpretation.

Data Ready for Download. Use our web app to get all the extracted data from your PDF in a convenient CSV format, ready for any application.

Target Audience

For whom is it?

Whether you're an individual developer or a company, nexamind – the company behind nexaPDF – offers specialized solutions to meet your needs.

Individual Developers

Gain effortless access to our Generative AI via API. NexaPDF simplifies PDF extraction, making it a seamless addition to your projects.

GenAI Companies

Customize your Generative AI solutions with nexamind. We offer tailored PDF extraction capabilities that operate securely within your own infrastructure.

Real Life Use Cases

Harness the Power of PDF Extraction

Explore the wide range of applications for our RAG PDF extractor and discover how it can boost productivity across various industries.

Engineering Validation. Enhance engineering workflows by rapidly extracting key data from complex documents with our PDF extractor.

Legal Data Extraction. Streamline case preparation and contract reviews with automated extraction of critical data from legal documents.

Financial Analysis. Boost financial insights by enabling precise extraction of key financial data from reports and filings.

Sales & Customer Success. Extract all non-structured data from your CRM and product data, enhancing customer management.

Knowledge Management. Simplify document-driven knowledge sharing by efficiently extracting and organizing data sets across departments.

E-Learning and Training. Convert PDFs into interactive e-learning materials, creating engaging summaries and study guides.

About nexamind

The GenAI Company

Nexamind is at the forefront of the Generative AI revolution, providing flexible, tailor-made solutions that empower European companies to fully harness this transformative technology. Whether you need API access, in-house installation, or a custom AI solution, we ensure that your proprietary data and AI models are seamlessly integrated into your business processes.


At Nexamind, our leadership team combines decades of experience in company building, tech product development, and management consulting. Generative AI is the future, and we are dedicated to ensuring you stay ahead. Own the future—embrace your AI. Act decisively, now.